Chan Siew Hwa

Chan Siew Hwa
Tel: 6790 4862
Email: mshchan@ntu.edu.sg
Office: N3.2-02-12 
  • DIC PhD University of London, Imperial Coll. 1991
  • MSc University of Birmingham 1987
  • BS National Taiwan University 1985

Dr. Chan joined NTU as a Lecturer in 1991 after obtaining his PhD and subsequently working as a postdoctoral researcher at Imperial College London. He is now a Full Professor in the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE). He is concurrently holding 2 appointments as the Co-Director of the Energy Research Institute at NTU (ERI@N), and the Deputy Director of Maritime Institute at NTU (MI@NTU). He is also a Non-Executive Director of Maz Energy Pte Ltd, where he provides technical advices to the Board since 2004. Funded by Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment (RARDE, UK), Dr. Chan’s PhD and post-doctoral research was inclined to Heavy-Duty Internal Combustion Engines for military application. He then extended his research interest to Fuel Cell and Fuel Reforming since 1997. He is the Organizer and Program Chair of the 1st World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC), Singapore and an active promoter and advocate of Hydrogen Economy in Singapore. From April 2006 till March 2008, he held a joint appointment with A*Star as Programme Director of SERC Fuel Cell Programme. Under this appointment, he led a team of more than 100 researchers from 4 A*Star research institutes working closely with industries on fuel cells. His research has gained him a number of international recognition. In 2000, he received the prestigious George-Stephenson Award from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK (IMechE, UK) for his research in Automotive Engineering. This award is to memorize Sir George Stephenson (1781 – 1848), the Father of Railways, who built the first public railway line in the world using steam locomotives. In 2007, he received the Scientific Achievement Award in the field of Hydrogen Treatment of Materials and the Great Activities in the World Hydrogen Movement, awarded by International Association for Hydrogen Energy, USA (IAHE, USA). He was the only reviewer, outside of UK, invited by UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) to comment on the UK National Fuel Cells Roadmap. He is the editorial board member of “Fuel Cells – from fundamentals to systems” and also “Journal of Power Technologies”. Dr. Chan is also a member of Management Board of Energy Studies Institute as well as a member of Advisory Board of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. He has published 190 refereed journal papers with total citations of more than 6000 and h-index of 41. He owns a number of patents in fuel cells and hydrogen technology. He is the recipient of “World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014” Award by Thomson Reuters. His research achievements are also matched with his competency in teaching. In 2000, Dr. Chan received the Teacher-of-the-Year Award, NTU; the year he taught Thermodynamics.

  • Interest:
    Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies, Power-to-Gas, Internal Combustion Engines.
  • Projects:
    Fuel Cell Range Extender for Electric Boats
    Reformed methanol is used as the source of hydrogen for HT-PEMFC stack with maximum power output of 5-kW. It is meant for extending the travel range of electric boats.
    [Fuel Cells Laboratory, Thermo-Fluid & Energy]
    Facile Preparation of high-Platinum Loading Catalysts by Microwave-Assisted Continuous Flow Reduction
    This project aims to develop catalysts such as platinum with average diameter of less than 2 nm. It is also meant for scaling up the process for mass production of precious metal based catalysts.
    [Fuel Cells Laboratory, Thermo-Fluid & Energy]
    Power Generation in Chlor-Alkali Plants Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells
    Hugh amount of hydrogen with high purity is discharged from chlor-alkali plants as a byproduct. Unfortunately, it cannot be fed directly to H2-PEMFC as tracer amount of chlorine as low as 1 ppm would poison the Pt catalyst in the electrode. This project is meant to develop chloride-ions tolerant catalyst for such application.
    [Fuel Cells Laboratory, Thermo-Fluid & Energy]

Selected Publications
  • Ehteshami, Seyyed Mohsen Mousavi; Chan, S. H.,  The role of hydrogen and fuel cells to store renewable energy in the future energy network - potentials and challenges, ENERGY POLICY  73 (2014) 103-109
  • Zhou, J.; Liu, Q.; Sun, Q.; Chan, S. H., A Low Cost Large-Area Solid Oxide Cells Fabrication Technology based on Aqueous Co-Tape Casting and Co-Sintering, FUEL CELLS  14 (4) (2014) 667-670   
  • Pasciak, Grzegorz; Chmielowiec, Jacek; Chan, Siew Hwa,  Thermal and structural study of BIVOX undoped and doped with La in various atmosphere toward applications in IT-SOFC, CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL  40 (7) (2014) 8969-8974
  • Stempien, Jan Pawel; Sun, Qiang; Chan, Siew Hwa, Theoretical consideration of Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell with zirconia-based electrolyte operated under extreme polarization or with low supply of feedstock chemicals, ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA  130 (2014) 718-727
  • Xue, Yan Hong; Zhang, Lan; Zhou, Wei Jiang; Chan, S. H.; Pd nanoparticles supported on PDDA-functionalized carbon black with enhanced ORR activity in alkaline medium, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY  39 (16) (2014) 8449-8456
  • Zhou, Weijiang; Li, Miao; Ding, Ovi Lian; Chan, S. H., et al., Pd particle size effects on oxygen electrochemical reduction, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY  39 (12) (2014) 6433-6442  
  • Zhou, Weijiang; Li, Miao; Zhang, Lan; Chan, S. H., Supported PtAu catalysts with different nano-structures for ethanol electrooxidation, ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA  123 (2014) 233-239
  • Rasheed, Raj Kama Abdul; Ehteshami, Seyyed Mohsen Mousavi; Chan, Siew Hwa; Analytical modelling of boiling phase change phenomenon in high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells during warm-up process, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY  39 (5) (2014) 2246-2260
  • Shaegh, Seyed Ali Mousavi; Ehteshami, Seyyed Mohsen Mousavi; Chan, Siew Hwa; et al.; Membraneless hydrogen peroxide micro semi-fuel cell for portable applications, RSC ADVANCES  4 (70) (2014) 37284-37287
  • Bai, Li; Zhang, Lan; He, Hong Quan; Rasheed RKSA; Zhang, C. Z.; Ding, O. L.; Chan, S. H.; Fabrication of phosphotungstic acid functionalized mesoporous silica composite membrane by alternative tape-casting incorporating phase inversion technique, JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES  246 (2014) 522-530

  • Thermodynamics
  • Gas Turbine