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Chair’s Message

​Welcome to the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, one of the three pioneering schools of Nanyang Technological University.

I took over as the Chair of the School in October 2017, inheriting a strong institution that stands firm on the fundamentals of mechanical and aerospace engineering, while steadily building its strength on teaching and research.

In teaching, engineering fundamentals form the core but our curriculum allows students to broaden their scope through electives they can freely choose in areas of their interest. Lectures, with the assistance of on-line learning technologies, are the central platform of delivery. But our students are frequently challenged and stretched through projects, many of which they have to define, discover the problems and then solve themselves. For example, our students design and build their own energy efficient cars, and then participate in races such as the Shell Eco-Marathon, where they have consistently done very well over the years, bringing pride and glory to themselves, the School and the university.

In research, we have attracted large grants that allow us to establish research centres on areas of current interest to industry and Singapore. These areas include 3D Printing, Aerospace Engineering, Air Traffic Management, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Optical Engineering, Remanufacturing, Robotics and Intelligent Systems and Sports Research. These grants enable us to strengthen our research and work with industry partners. Very importantly, they are also the vehicle for us to bring front-line industry problems to the classroom, exposing our students to deep relevant issues and, in many cases, involving them in solving the problems as well. This is real practical education in action and it benefits the students significantly. Beyond that, some of our faculties have taken their research further and commercialise them through spin-off companies.

Our facilities are the admiration of many a visitor from around the world, but the most important asset of any organization is its people, and in our case, the faculty, the research, technical and administrative staff and, most importantly, the students, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

To deliver the best education, we need good faculties, and we spare no effort in recruiting the best minds from well respected institutions around the globe. These good faculties also spear head good research. Good faculty begets good students. The quality of our intake has been getting better over the years, as more top students join us. However, the real measure of our achievements is the graduate employment figures, which see a large majority of our students gaining employment within three months of their graduation, and many well before. Numerous of our alumni are now in senior positions in their organisations or leaders in their fields.

We are not just saying it ourselves, but our achievements are reflected in the School’s very respectable ranking among the mechanical engineering schools around the world.

We do not sit on our laurels, despite the sparkling performances so far. We seek to improve. We build our students not just to be good engineers, but wholesome human beings, creative and ready to face challenges head on. Together, we will build a better future for all.

To know our school better, I invite you to peruse these pages.

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Professor Ooi Kim Tiow

School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering