Pastoral Care


Other Support Services

​​Area of Concern​​ ​​Departments to Approach​​
  • I need a tutor to assist me in one of my subjects.
  • I am under academic warning/probation and need advice.
  • I have missed my lectures/tutorials, etc. for an extended period of time due to illness or personal crisis.
  • I wish to apply long term leave due to my medical condition.
  • I wish to apply long term leave to settle personal matter.
MAE - Pastoral Care          
  • Encountered difficulties in studies.
  • Improvement on study skills.
  • Need help on time management.
  • Need advice on how many courses to register.
  • Need advice on Industrial Attachment (IA) or Industrial Orientation (IO).
MAE - Academic Mentor      
  • Questions on my academic standing or general academic requirements.
  • Overloading AUs.
  • Problems with course registration.
  • Fell sick and missed labs/CAs.
  • Apply for short term leave to take part in competitions, family events, etc.
MAE - Undergraduate Office
  • Career advising and coaching.
  • Career assessment.
NTU - Career Attachment Office (CAO)
  • What is Grade Point Average system?
  • Queries regarding examination.
  • Apply for local/overseas exchange programmes.
  • Print official transcript.
  • Change degree programme.
  • Collection of Degree Certification.
  • Convocation matters.
NTU - Office of Academic Services (OAS)              or        One Stop @ SAC