Huang Xiaoyang

Huang Xiaoyang
Associate Professor
Tel: 6790 4448
Email: mxhuang@ntu.edu.sg
Office: N3.2-02-02 
  • PhD Cambridge University 1988
  • MS Academia Sinica 1984
  • BS Nanjing University 1982

Dr. Huang Xiaoyang received the Ph.D. degree from University of Cambridge in 1988, the M.Sc. degree in acoustics from Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Science in 1984, and B.Sc degree in Physics from Nanjing University in 1982.

  • Interest:
    Microfluidics, acoustics, aerodynamic instabilities, flow-structure interactions.
  • Projects:
    Bubble dynamics with actuation in microfluidic chamber
    This project, funded by Singapore Ministry of Education, is to carry out a fundamental study on bubble dynamics, including bubble formation, growth, coalescence and motion, in a microfluidic chamber under actuations.
    [Thermo-Fluid & Energy]
    Feasibility study on underwater sound detection by LASER
    This project, funded by Singapore Temasek Laboratory, is to develop a single-point laser Doppler vibrometer (LDV) with glint tracking system for detection of underwater acoustic signals from the water surface.
    [Temasek Laboratories@NTU, Micro-Systems & Optics]

Research Staff and Students under supervision

PhD Students
Name Project
Yan Zhibin Thermal and Surface Aspects in Microfluidics
Shang Xiaopeng Dynamics of Bubbles in Microfluidic Chamber with Actuations
Myo Kyaw Sett @ Lee Nan Zhou Investigation of Transport Phenomena in the Nano-scale Head Disk Interface

Selected Publications
    • Min H. Q., Huang X. Y. and Zhang Q.,2014. Narrowband performance of active control on flow-induced vibrations inside hard disk drives. Microsystem Technologies: Volume 20, Issue 8, pp. 1557-1563.
    • Shang XP, Cui XG, Huang X.Y. and Yang C., 2014. Vortex generation in a microfluidic chamber with actuations. Experiments in Fluids, Vol. 55, 1758.
    • Min H. Q., Huang X. Y. and Zhang Q., 2013.  Active Control of Flow-Induced Vibrations on Slider in Hard Disk Drives: Experimental Demonstration, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. Vol. 49(6), pp. 3038-3041.
    • Zeng Y., Huang XY, Zhou WD and Yu SK, 2013, Numerical study of thermal-induced lubricant depletion induced on an anisotropic multilayer disk in a heat assisted magnetic recording System,  Intl. J. Heat & Mass Transfer, Vol. 60, pp. 322-333.
    • Wang S. S., Huang X. Y. and Chun Yang. 2012, Microfluidic Bubble Generation by Acoustic Field for Mixing Enhancement. Journal of Heat Transfer. Vol. 134, Issue 5, 051014.
    • Zeng Y., Zhou WD, Huang XY and Yu SK, 2012. Numerical study on thermal-induced lubricant depletion in laser heat-assisted magnetic recording systems, Intl. J. Heat & Mass Transfer, Vol. 55, pp. 886-896
    • Wang S. S., Huang X. Y. and Chun Yang. 2011, Mixing enhancement in a microfluidic chamber for high viscous fluids. Lab on a Chip, Vol. 11, pp. 845-850.

    • Engineering Mathematics
    • Thermal radiation unit
    • Film and dropwise condensatio
    • Noise & Vibration Control
    • Advanced Thermal Engineering
    • Heat Exchanger
    • Pumps In Series And Parallel Operations