Rajesh Piplani

Rajesh Piplani
Associate Professor
Tel: 6790 5601
Email: mrpiplani@ntu.edu.sg
Office: N3-02c-84 
  • PhD Purdue University 1995
  • MS Arizona State University 1990
  • BSc Aligarh Muslim University 1984

Prof Piplani is an Associate Professor with the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering since December 1998. He received the Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University in 1995, and M. Eng. from Arizona State University in 1990. Dr Piplani is the director of M.Sc. (Supply Chain & Logistics). His research interests are in the area of inventory planning and network design of supply chains, and modeling of healthcare and production systems. He has worked on several funded research projects and was the program manager, Integrated Manufacturing and Service Systems (IMSS) for A*Star, managing the SGD 8 Million research program for four years.

  • Interest:
    Inventory planning and network design of supply chains, and modeling of healthcare and production systems.
  • Projects:
    Supply-chain inventory planning
    In our latest research (in collaboration with a colleague from the business school) published in POMS journal, we have developed a new 2-bin policy for satisfying the demand from differentiated classes. In case of two demand classes, the policy has been shown to provide much higher service level to lower priority classes, at only a slight increase in system cost. An extension to this work (to multiple demand classes) has been completed and is ready for submission.
    [Industrial Eng & Design]
    Performance-based contracting
    As buyers of capital-intensive systems have looked to contain costs of service and improve system availability, they are increasing turning to some sort of pay-for-performance contract. In our research we have developed models of performance for repairable inventory system operating under PBC, and have also studied such systems under changing fleet size.
    [Industrial Eng & Design]

Research Students under supervision

PhD Students
Name Project
Wang Fengyu Optimal Decision Policy Development for MTS-MTO Supply Chains
Dwi Agustina Decision Models for the Queueing Network Models with Unreliable Batch Servers and Finite Buffers, and Their Applications to Service and Manufacturing Industry

Selected Publications
  • Ghosh, S, Piplani, R., Viswanathan, S, 2014. A new two-bin policy for inventory systems with differentiated demand classes. (To appear in Production and Operations Management).
  • Agustina, D.*, Lee, C.K.M., Piplani, R., 2014. Scheduling and routing at a cross-docking center for a food supply chain. (To appear in International Journal of Production Economics, Special issue on Sustainable Food Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Operations and Technology).
  • Ghosh, S*, Piplani, R., Viswanathan, S., 2013, "Optimal inventory rationing policy under service differentiation for multiple customer classes with deterministic demand,”  International Journal of Services and Operations Management (to appear).
  • Ang, A.*, Piplani, R., 2012, "Determination of Base Stock and Kanbans in a Single Stage Extended Kanban Control System (EKCS)," International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, (To appear).
  • Piplani, R., Saraswat, A.*, 2012, "Robust Optimization Approach to Design of Service Networks for Reverse Logistics," International Journal of Production Research, Vol 50 (5), 1424-1437. Q1
  • Mirzahossenian, H.*, Piplani, R., 2011, "A Study of Repairable Parts Inventory System operating under Performance-based Contract," European Journal of Operational Research, Vol 214, 256-261.
  • Agustina, D.*, Lee CKM, R. Piplani, 2010, “Mathematical Models for Cross-docking planning: A review,” International Journal of Engineering Business Management, Vol 2 (2), 47-54.
  • R. D. Kusumastuti*, R. Piplani and G. H. Lim, 2009, “Designing reverse logistics network for product recovery,” International Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modeling, Vol 1 (4), 257-289.
  • Widiarta, H.*, S. Viswanathan and R. Piplani, 2009, “Forecasting Aggregate Demand: An Analytical Evaluation of Top-Down versus Bottom-Up Forecasting in a Production Planning Framework,”International Journal of Production Economics, 118(1), 87-94.

  • Systems Simulation & Modelling
  • Engineering Innovation And Design
  • Integrated Supply Chains
  • Supply Chain Strategy & Design
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Mgt