Seah Leong Keey

Seah Leong Keey
Associate Professor
Tel: 6790 4824
Email: mlkseah@ntu.edu.sg
Office: N3-02b-47 
  • PhD University of Strathclyde 1989
  • BSc(Hons) University of Strathclyde 1985

Assoc Prof Seah Leong Keey obtained his B.Sc. (1st cl Hon) and Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Strathclyde, U.K. in 1985 and 1989 respectively. He is currently in the school of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore since 1989. His major research interests are thin-walled structures, composite materials, experimental stress analysis and optical fiber sensor, optical imaging technique, He has published over 100 top quality international conference and journal papers and holding two international patents.

  • Interest:
    Composite structures, Long term behavior of composite materials. Thin-walled structures, optical imaging technique, smart structures.
  • Projects:
    Durability, long-term behavior and performance of composite riser materials.
    The objective of this research is to study the long-term behaviour of composite risers made of new composite materials, subjects to harsh environmental factors including diffusion, cyclic loading, and other external loading. Based on Time-temperature superposition, the long term degradation of the materials can be predicted using short term tests.
    [Mechanics of materials Lab, Mechanics]
    Integration, Prototyping and Proof of concept Testing of composite Risers
    The aim of this project is to integrate, prototyping and proof of concept testing of both rigid and flexible composite risers. The testing is design to verify the capability of the prototype model to sustain the design pressure, and to establish the actual collapse pressure.
    [Mechanics of materials Lab, Mechanics]
    Design and development of a compact swept source optical coherence tomography (SSOCT) imaging system with enhanced imaging capability for bio imaging applications.
    The project aim to develop a novel fiber optic interferometer and galvo mirror based beam delivery system. The system is capable of real-time data acquisition using high speed digitizer and control signal generation for laser beam steering setup for imaging. The SSOCT system uses an efficient wavenumber calibration scheme. The developed system can be applied to 1) In situ and quantitative imaging of bacterial biofilm using OCT/OCM, 2) Nanoparticle based contrast enhancement and photothermal applications, and 3) Anterior chamber imaging for Glaucoma detection.
    [COLE, Micro-Systems & Optics]

Research Students under supervision

PhD Students
Name Project
Zhao Yian Long-term Durability of Bismaleimide Composite in Marine Environments
Ratheesh Kumar Meleppat Investigations Into Swept Source Based Optical Coherence Tomography For Bioimaging
Xie Binghan Thomas Direct Calculation Methods for Structural Response under Ice Loading

Selected Publications
  • Zhao Yian, Wei Liub, LK Seah, GB Chai.  “Delamination growth behavior of a woven E-glass/bismaleimide composite in seawater environment”.  Journal Composites Part B, Vol 106, 1 Dec 2016, Pages 332–343
  • Zhao Yian*, Seah Leong Keey and Chai Gin Boay.  “Measurement of interlaminar fracture properties of composites using the J-integral method”.  Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, Vol. 35(14) 1143–1154, 2016
  • Zhao Yian, Seah Leong Keey and Chai Gin Boay.  “Effects of Seawater Exposure on Mode II Fatigue Delamination Growth of a Woven E-glass/Bismaleimide Composite”. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, Vol. 35(2) 138–150, 2016
  • Zhao Yian, Wang Zhiying*, Seah Leong Keey and Chai Gin Boay.  “Long-term Viscoelastic Response of E-glass/Bismaleimide Composite in Seawater Environment”.  Applied Composite Materials: Volume 22, Issue 6 (2015), Page 693-709
  • Foo C.C*., Seah L.K and Chai G.B.  “A modified energy-balance model to predict low-velocity impact response for sandwich composites”.  Journal of Composite Structures, vol 93, pp1385-1393, 2011
  •  K M Ratheesh, L. K. Seah and V M Murukeshan. ”Spectral phase-based automatic calibration scheme for swept source based optical coherence tomography systems”. Physics in Medicine and Biology, Vol 61, No. 2, Oct 2016
  •  K M Ratheesh, P Prabhathan, L K Seah and V M Murukeshan.  “Gold nanorods with higher aspect ratio as potential contrast agent in optical coherence tomography and for photothermal applications around 1300 nm imaging window”.  Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, Vol. 2,  N0. 5, Sept 2016
  •  R K Meleppat, P Prabhathan*, Seah L.K., and M V Matham.  “Plasmon Resonant Silica Coated Silver Nanoplates as Contrast Agents for Optical Coherence Tomography”.  Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, Vol 12, 1929–1937 (2016)
  •  R K Meleppat, M V Matham and L K Seah.  “Swept source based optical coherence tomography system at 1320nm-A comprehensive analysis of the opto-mechatronic instrumentation scheme”, Asian Journal of Physics, Vol. 24, No 10, 1403-1418, 2015
  •  R K Meleppat, M V Matham and L K Seah.  “An efficient phase analysis based wavenumber linearization scheme for swept source optical coherence tomography systems”.  Laser Physics Letters, Vol 12 no.5 April 2015.

  • Solid Mechanics and Vibration
  • Advanced Mechanics of Materials
  • Ship Structures
  • Unsymmetric Bending
  • Stiffness and Strength of Irregular-Shaped Beam
  • Engineering Design