Li King Ho Holden

Li King Ho Holden
Assistant Professor
Tel: 6790 6398
Email: holdenli@ntu.edu.sg
Office: N3.2-02-26 
  • PhD (Mech Engrg) Stanford University 2005
  • MS (Mech Engrg) Stanford University 2002
  • BEng(Hons) (Mech Engrg) National University of Singapore 1997

Holden Li graduated in NUS with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) in 1997. In 2000 Holden enrolled in Stanford University for his graduate studies under Professor Thomas Kenny. During his PhD studies, Holden was actively involved in MEMS process development in finding suitable packaging solutions to MEMS and BioMEMS devices. Besides, he worked closely with several industrial partners who benefited from the on-going research activities in Kenny’s group at that time. He was awarded his MSc and PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2001 and 2005 respectively.

Back in Singapore in September 2005, Holden started to lead a research team in MEMS sensors research effort in the area of MEMS R&D and reliability study. He is currently holding a concurrent appointment of MEMS Capability Manager in Temasek Laboratories at NTU. Beyond this, Holden’s passion for research and development in microelectronics and BioMEMS, coupled with his strong academic interest in the area of micro and nanotechnology propelled him to seek for funding opportunity in these areas. He is currently working closely with several senior faculties in the area of microelectronics and MEMS research both in NTU and Temasek Laboratories at NTU.

  • Interest:
    MEMS sensors, Miniaturization, Bio-MEMS, Semiconductor fabrication and application, System and sub-system integration
  • Projects:
    Project PROVEL
    This project was awarded by FSTD to fund Temasek Lab’s MEMS team to collaborate with Stanford University’s Prof Roger Howe (funded by DARPA) to transit the previous DARPA funded project using foundry services. It allows our MEMS team to work with the best MEMS researchers in the world to come up with innovative designs based on the technology platform developed by TL.
    [Temasek Laboratories, Micro-Systems & Optics]
    Project Yellowbrick
    This project aims to research and develop high power semiconductor switches for arrayed antenna application. This work is also built upon the prior fabrication experiences done by the TL MEMS team for the DSO systems engineers. Integration of the switches into module level is the focus.
    [Temasek Laboratories, Micro-Systems & Optics]
    Project Legoland
    This project is collaboration with DSO in the joint development of microwave antenna system. TL MEMS team is providing technical support in Microsystems integration for the realization of this project.
    [Temasek Laboratories, Micro-Systems & Optics]
    Project Maximoff
    This project is a proof-of-concept for identification of friend and foe at a standoff distance. In order to obtain fast results and ready-to-apply methodology, the approach is to make use of micromirrors and laser sources to demonstrate the concept of long distance activation/reflection based on laser source.
    [Temasek Laboratories, Micro-Systems & Optics]
    Project Teardown
    This project employs MEMS sensors in an urban GPS denied environment for situation awareness and mapping. Our team comprises of experts in Electrical engineering, Civil engineering and Mechanical engineering to provide a wireless sensor networking system for information extraction, for example 3D indoor mapping, sensor network localization, moving object detection, temperature, indoor air quality, pressure, sound etc.
    [Temasek Laboratories, Micro-Systems & Optics]
    Development of an integrated point-of-care microfluidic platform for leukocyte sorting and functional characterization in type 2 diabetes patients
    This project employs Bio-MEMS sensors to develop an integrated point-of-care testing platform for leukocyte (white blood cell) functional characterization in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. It is an interdisciplinary research with the LKCMedicine.
    [Micro-Systems & Optics]

Research Students under supervision

PhD Students
Name Project
Petchakup Chayakorn Thromboelastometry characterisation using microfludic devices
Teo Jian Tong Adrian Optical Sensors for High Sensitivity Motion Detection

Master Student
Name Project
Vinayak Narasimhan High-G Inertial MEMS Accelerometers

Selected Publications
  • J Fan, DF Lim, L Peng, KH Li, CS Tan, “Effect of bonding temperature on hermetic seal and mechanical support of wafer-level Cu-to-Cu thermo-compression bonding for 3D integration”, Microsystem Technologies, Vol 19, Iss 5, pp 661-667 (2013)
  • YJ Yoon, WT Park, KH Li, YQ Ng, Y Song, “A Study of Piezoelectric Harvesters for Low-Level Vibrations in Wireless Sensors Networks”. Intl. J. Precision Eng and Manuf, Vol 14, Iss 7, pp 1257-1262 (2013)
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  • J Fan, DF Lim, L Peng, KH Li, and CS Tan, “Low Temperature Cu-to-Cu Bonding for Wafer-Level Hermetic Encapsulation of 3D Microsystems Electrochem”. Solid-State Letter 14, H470 (2011)
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  • Y Liu, H Du, LKH Holden, N Mingfeng, “Compact Vibration Isolator For Protecting MEMS Oscillator and Sensitive Electronic Devices”, 15th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics (ICEM), 2011.

  • Precision Mechanism Design
  • Machine Design Element
  • Engineering Graphics