Chou Siaw Meng

Chou Siaw Meng
Associate Professor
Tel: 6790 4958
Email: msmchou@ntu.edu.sg
Office: N3.2-02-71 
  • PhD University of Strathclyde 1992
  • BEng(Hons) University of Strathclyde 1988

Prof Chou is an Associate Professor with the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. He received his Bachelor and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK. His research interests include biomechanics and buckling of cold-formed thin-walled structures. He teaches courses in "Mechanics of Materials" and "Biomechanics". He has been involved in the training and organisation of Orthopaedic Biomechanics Course in conjunction with the Orthopaedic Advance Surgical Training Syllabus in Singapore since 1999.

  • Interest:
    Orthopaedic Biomechanics, Sports Biomechanics, Thin-Walled Structures
  • Projects:
    3D Printing of Optimized Cushioning Material
    [Singapore Centre for 3D Printing, Manufacturing]
    Model Development and Evaluation for Automatic Table Tennis Coaching
    [Institute for Sports Research, Biomedical & Sports]
    Exercise footwear features for adults to counter age-related changes in gait muscle activity
    [Institute for Sports Research, Biomedical & Sports]

Research Staff and Students under supervision

PhD Students
Name Project
Thet Paing Soe Zaw Pie crusting of tendons and ligaments in total knee arthroplasty
Shukri Bin Abdul Jalil 3D Printing of Optimized Cushioning Structures

Selected Publications
  • B.H. Ng, S.M. Chou, B.H. Lim and A. Chong.  The changes in the tensile properties of tendons after freeze storage in saline solution. Journal of Engineering in Medicine, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part H. 2005, v219, N6, p387-392.
  • Q.H. Zhang, S.H. Tan and S.M. Chou.  Effects of Bone Materials on the Screw Pull-out Strength in Human Spine. Medical Engineering & Physics. 2006, v28, N8, p795-801.
  • M.J.J. Liu, S.M. Chou, K.L. Goh and S.H. Tan. Cross-Sectional Area Measurement of Soft Tissues In Vitro: A Non-Contact Laser Scan Method. Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology. 2008, v8, N3, p353-361.
  • Q.H. Zhang, S.H. Tan and S.M. Chou.  The Plastic Behavior of Two-Dimensional Regular Hexagonal Structures with Bilinear and Uniaxial Strength Asymmetry in Cellular Materials. Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part C. 2008, v222, N12, p2365-2372.
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  • B.H. Lim, L.H. Ooi, S.M. Chou and K.L. Goh. Biomechanical Properties Of Extensor Tendon Repair Using The Six-Strand Single-Loop Suture Technique: A Comparative Analysis With Three Other Techniques In Cadaveric Models. Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology. Sep 2011, v11, N4, p845-855.
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  • M.J.J. Liu, S.M. Chou, C.K. Chua, B.C.M. Tay and B.K. Ng. The development of silk fibroin scaffolds using an indirect rapid prototyping approach: Morphological analysis and cell growth monitoring by spectral-domain optical coherence tomography. Medical Engineering & Physics. Feb 2013, v35, Issue 2, p253-262.
  • Chen, C.-H.; Liu, J.M.-J.; Chua, C.-K.; Chou, S.-M.; Shyu, V.B.-H.; Chen, J.-P.  Cartilage Tissue Engineering with Silk Fibroin Scaffolds Fabricated by Indirect Additive Manufacturing Technology. Materials 2014, 7, p2104-2119.