Alessandro Romagnoli

Alessandro ROMAGNOLI
Associate Professor
Tel: 6790 5941
Email: A.Romagnoli@ntu.edu.sg
Office: N3.2-02-32 
  • PhD (Mech Engrg) Imperial College London 2010
  • MSc (Mech Engrg) University of Ancona 2003
  • BEng (Mech Engrg) University of Ancona 2001

Alessandro gained a First Degree cum laude in Mechanical Engineering in 2003 from the “University of Ancona” in Italy, after which he worked for two years at Lucci Collettori Spa (Ancona, Italy) where he supervised the design and production of commutators for electric motors. In 2006 he worked for 6 months at Seagate Technology Inc. and he then began a PhD at Imperial College London in the Thermo-Fluids Division focussing on aerodynamic study of single and twin-entry mixed flow turbines under unsteady conditions. As a part of his research, he also studied heat transfer effects occurring in turbochargers.

After completing his PhD in 2010, Alessandro worked as Research Associate at Imperial College London. He acted as research co-investigator in projects looking at engine downsizing, waste heat recovery, and mild-hybridization of powertrain technology in passenger vehicles as well as in optimization and design of novel turbine concepts. He collaborates extensively with world leading OEMs in powertrain R&D (Jaguar and Land Rover, Lotus, Ford, CAT, MHI, Honda, ABB, etc.).

In 2013, he joined Nanyang Technological University as an Assistant Professor. His responsibilities include teaching undergraduate courses, run lab-tutorial, supervising PhD students and FYPs. Alessandro’s research activity in NTU encompasses several aspects related to propulsion, energy efficiency and thermal energy recovery and management. Examples of his current research include the study of waste heat recovery such as ThermoElectric Generators design and analysis, Organic Rankine Cycles optimization, Turbocharging and Thermal Energy Storage; Alessandro is also championing the effort on Cold Energy Recovery and Cold Economy in Singapore.

Besides his academic activity Alessandro has also worked for three years (2010-2013) as engineering consultant under ICON (Imperial College CONsultant). In 2012, he founded a UK-based engineering consultancy company (RhodoConsultants, www.rhodoconsultants.com ) offering design, test and advice on energy efficiency, turbomachinery and waste heat recovery systems. Alessandro also acts as reviewer for several engineering journals (ASME, SAE, IMechE, Elsevier), collaborates as freelancer with the automotive magazine Torque (published in Singapore).

  • Interest:
    Waste heat recovery (Thermo-electric generation, Organic Rankine Cycles, Turbocharging), Thermal energy storage through PCM (heat & cold energy storage) and Techno-economic study on Cold Energy and Cold Economy
  • Projects:
    Thermal Energy Storage for Low Grade Waste Heat Recovery
    The proposed project focusses on:
    • Formulation, encapsulation and characterization of materials for thermal storage 
    • Heat exchanger design, heat transfer and fluid flow analysis of thermal energy storage charge/discharge cycle
    [Thermo-Fluid & Energy]
    LNG Cold Energy Recovery for Assisted Air Liquefaction
    The proposed project focusses on:
    • To optimize the small scale air liquefaction processes
    • Analyze the thermodynamic interaction between the system components, recovery of low grade heat, high grade cold energy storage and optimization of sub-components
    • Assess the techno-economic potential of the proposed air liquefiers
    [Thermo-Fluid & Energy]
    Energy Recovery through enhanced Turbomachinery Design and Analysis
    The proposed project focusses on:
    • Gain greater understanding of the fluid mechanics inside a compressor/turbine
    • Introduce novel design concepts that can help improve the performance of radial machines
    Waste Heat Recovery in Eco Industrial Park: Development of Methodology
    The proposed project focusses on:
    • Identification of heat sources and heat sinks in EIP
    • Multi-objective function definition in EIPs
    • Techno -economic-environmental modelling
    [Thermo-Fluid & Energy]
    Dynamic Modelling of Waste Heat Recovery Systems Using Organic Rankine Cycles (ORCs) in Different Climate Conditions
    The proposed project focusses on:
    • Development of control strategy and the influence of extreme changes in boundary conditions (dynamic control)
    • Development of fouling detection techniques in ORC systems
    [Thermo-Fluid & Energy]

Research Staff and Students under supervision

PhD Students
Name Project
Cola Fabrizio Design Enhancement of an Adiabatic Libr-H2O Absorber Through a Droplet Flow Optimization
Xu Haoxin Model-based intelligent thermal energy management in eco-industrial park
Zhang Chuan Waste Heat Recovery via Thermal Energy Storage

Selected Publications
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  • Bin Mamat, A.M.I., Martinez-Botas, R.F., Rajoo, S., Romagnoli, A., Petrovic, S. “Waste heat recovery using a novel high performance low pressure turbine for electric turbocompounding in downsized gasoline engines: Experimental and computational “ (2015) Energy, . Article in Press.
  • P. Newton, A. Romagnoli, R.F. Martinez-Botas, M. Seiler, “A Method of Map Extrapolation for Unequal and Partial Admission in a Double Entry Turbine”, JOURNAL OF TURBOMACHINERY-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME,  Vol. 136, No. 6, 2014
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  • Aircraft Propulsion
  • Computational Aerodynamics
  • Energy Balance in a Compressor
  • Aerospace Discovery Course