Research Areas


Precision Engineering

There is 1 laboratory under the Precision Engineering Group:

  • Precision Engineering Lab (N3-B4c-03) 

Research Projects

Characteristics of belt linishing –Phase III
The work in abrasive linishing processes used in Fan Blades is aimed at removal of surface imperfections on the pressure and suction surfaces. The objectives are to translate hand dressing skills to automated adaptive processing, and to perform tool selection and identification of key performance parameters.

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Yeo Swee Hock

Complaint abrasive process model and integrated tool trajectory planning
Coated abrasive tools are used extensive but these are not well placed in mechanized process. The aim is to develop material removal models to predict shapes of material removed for complaint abrasive tools, and to develop a methodology to predict tool motion trajectories based on the shape of material removed.

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Yeo Swee Hock

Advanced finishing of internal channels
Finishing of difficult-to-access channels requires a new development of a novel and advanced finishing process. Engagement of ultrasonic principle with various horn design is an important aspect to be explored for finishing using abrasive slurry on side walls of channels which is made of high-heat resistant materials.

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Yeo Swee Hock

Process cycle time improvement in vibratory finishing process
Vibratory finishing is normally adopted with limited knowledge of its processing characteristics, which is often limited to propriety of manufacturers. The project involves a comprehensive study on vibratory media interaction with a specially designed reconfigurable vibratory bowl system to understand the underlying flow mechanism.

Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Yeo Swee Hock