Research@MAE: Leading the World in Engineering Research

With strong multi-disciplinary research led by world-class scientists, the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) consists of a robust and strong research community. MAE prides itself in its strong research capabilities in many areas including, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, biomedical, industrial engineering, maritime engineering, and robotics etc. In alignment with Singapore’s national strategy (RIE 2020), the school of MAE is also rigorous in developing new competencies in manufacturing, aimed at supporting the competitiveness and growth of manufacturing and engineering sectors in the Singapore landscape. This is supported by the school’s strong research manpower comprising of 119 faculty members, 181 research staffs, and 369 PhD students. Cutting-edge research work is conducted within the school’s excellent research infrastructure, which houses 57 cluster laboratories, 7 research centres/institutes, and 2 corporate laboratories. These facilities enable MAE to address the nation’s immediate needs, to anticipate future needs, and to ensure efficient transfer of knowledge to our industries. With such an excellent framework, MAE is now a leader in engineering research, and is ranked at the 11th position in the QS World University Rankings (2017).​