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Name of Faculty​​ Research Areas
Alessandro Romagnoli ​Thermal Energy Storage, Low Grade Heat Recovery, Cold Economy, Energy conversion systems.
Ang Whye Teong Computational methods, Mathematical modelling, Applied mechanics, Heat transfer and Boundary element method.
Anutosh Chakraborty Adsorption Cooling, Dehumidification, Functional Adsorbents: activated carbons, MOFs, Gas Storage and separation, Thermodynamics and Molecular dynamics Simulation
Basman Elhadidi ​Low speed aerodynamics, Active and passive flow control, Flight dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Computational Aero Acoustics.
Cai Yiyu ​Virtual & augmented reality, Simulation, Multimodality image based recognitions and reconstruction, high-performance & intellignent computing, Serious games.
Chan Siew Hwa Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Technologies and Internal Combustion Engines
Chan Wai Lee Computational fluid dynamics, Combustion physics and modeling, Turbulent (non-)reacting flows, Thermoacoustics and VTOL UAV
Chan Weng Kong ​Drag reduction, Miniature pumps.
Charles Yang Microscale fluid flow and heat transfer for cooling, Microfluidics and nanofluidics for Lab-on-Chip devices, Icing/frosting, anti-icing and deicing, Bubbles, surface wetting and colloidal particle phenomena and Ballast water treatment and detection.
Chen I-Ming Logistics and warehouse robots & automation, Construction and infrastructure robot, Industry robot and applications, Wearable sensors and human-robot interaction and Mechatronics.
Chen Songlin System Engineering, Mass customization, Risk analysis, Supply chain management and Design management.
Chian Kerm Sin ​Polymer Synthesis, Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Drug delivery, Electronics Packaging.
Chou Siaw Meng Biomechanics, Orthopaedic, Implant, Bone and Soft tissue.
Chow Wai Tuck Finite Element/Structural/Fracture Analysis, Aerospace Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Aircraft/UAV design, Jet engine design and Manufacturing
Daniel New Vortex dynamics, Jet mixing, Supersonic flow, Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics
Dino Accoto Assistive robotics, Rehabilitation robotics, Soft robotics, Human augmentation and Precision engineering and microengineering.
Domenico Campolo Human-Robot Physical Interaction, Robot-aided Neuro-Rehabilitation and Assessment, Computational Neuroscience, Geometric Methods in Robotics and Control and Bio-inspired and Human Robotics.
Du Hejun MEMS, Microfluidics, Smart materials and structures, Micro-sensors and Micro-actuators and Additive manufacturing.
Duan Fei ​Droplet, Phase change, Particle self-assembly, Thermal management, Energy system analysis.
Fan Hui Micromechanics, Fracture mechanics, Solid mechanics, Applied physics.
Fan Zheng, David; Non-Destructive Evaluation, Structural Health Monitoring, Ultrasound, Metamaterial, Acoustics.
Gao Huajian ​Solid Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Biomechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Thin Film Mechanics, Mechanics of Nanostructured and Low Dimensional Materials, Hydrogen Embrittlement, Mechanics of Membrane Targeting Nanomedicine.
Gerard Heng Dynamic Relaxation, Stroke and Physical Disability Rehabilitation Platforms (SynPhNe), Bio-Mechatronics, Bio-Sensors, Bio-Actuators, EEG, SEMG, Sustainable Intensification of Urban Food Production and automation, Sports performance related research and Materials Recycling Technologies and Recovery.
Hirotaka Sato Biological Machine, Cyborg Insect, Electroplating, Electro polishing and Fuel Cell.
Holden Li MEMS, Sensors and Sensor Network, Miniaturization, Biomedical sensors and Internet of Things (IoTs).
Hong Li Energy conversion and storage, Catalyst and device manufacturing for energy conversion and storage, Electrochemical hydrogen generation, Electrochemical carbon dioxide utilization and Electrochemical biomass valorization.
​Hortense Le Ferrand ​Microstructured composites and ceremics, Colloidal manipulation, Additive manufacturing, Structural properties, Functional dense matter.
Hou Han Wei MEMs/BioMEMs, Biosensors, Microfluidics, Biomedical diagnostics and Organ-on-chip.
​Huang Changjin ​Mechanobiology, Soft Matter, Cell Mechanics, Morphogenesis, Nanomedicine.
Huang Xiaoyang Acoustics, Microfluidics and Aerodynamic instabilities.
James Wang Ming ​eVOTL, Urban Air Mobility or UAM, aircraft, helicopter, drones.
Lam Yee Cheong Microfluidic science and manufacturing, Laser-material interactions and Manufacturing processes.
Lee Yong Tsui Measurements from photographs, 3D recovery from 2D images, Motion capture from video sequences, Computer-aided design and Digital manufacturing.
Leong Kah Fai Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Sports Technology, Design Science and Biomedical Engineering.
Li Hua Multiphysics modeling of soft matters – Smart hydrogel in bioMEMS & Biological cell in microscale fields, Development of highly efficient numerical computational methodology – Meshless & Multiscale algorithms, Simulation of sustainable energy – Building energy efficiency & Fuel cell system, Dynamics – High-speed rotating shell & Composite materials structure and Machine learning based simulation - Multiphase flow & Additive manufacturing (3D printing) processes.
Lin Rongming Modal Testing, Model Updating, Nonlinear Vibrations, Dynamics of Microsystems and Identification of Nonlinearity.
Liu Erjia Coatings, Tribology, Corrosion, Electroanalysis and Additive manufacturing.
Liu Shukui ​Marine hydrodynamcis (seakeeping, resistance, manoeuverabiliy), Ship performance in seaways, Ship design and optimization, Ship fuel performance analysis, Ship stability and safety.
Louis Phee Medical robotics, Minimally invasive surgery and Mechatronics in medicine.
Lua Aik Chong ​Hydrogen production, Catalysts for methane decomposition, Nanocomposite polymer membranes, Activated carbons and Dual fuel diesel/liquefied natural gas marine engine.
Lum Guo Zhan Soft Robotics, Micro-robotics, Design Automation, Precision Engineering and Liquid Metals.
Lyu Chen Electrified vehicles, Automated driving, Driver-automation collaboration, Powertrain system and Cyber-physical systems.
Matteo Seita Microstructure control during metal additive manufacturing, In-line monitoring of additive manufacturing processes, High-throughput characterization of polycrystalline metals, Grain boundary crystallography-property relationships and Environment-assisted failure of structural metals and metal alloys.
​Mir Feroskhan ​Flight dynamics, UAV, Aerial robotics, Flight control, Drone.
Moon Seung Ki ​Data driven Decision Science, Sustainable and Customized Design, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Design for Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing, Customized 3D Printed Smart Sensors.
Murukeshan Vadakke Matham Biomedical Optics, Applied Optics and Metrology, Optical Engineering, Nanoscale Optics and Laser assisted Manufacturing and 3D Printing.
Ng Bing Feng​ Lightweight Structures, 3D printing, Fluids Mechanics, Aeroelasticity, Helicopters, VTOL, Wind turbines, Building sustainability, Aerosol science, Radiative coolers.
​Ng Heong Wah ​Plasma spray coatings, Pressure vessels and piping system, High temperature structural integrity, Electromobility and electric vehicle technology, PV Solar energy harvesting.
Ng Teng Yong Mathematical Modeling & Numerical Methodology Development, Multiscale & Multiphysics Modeling, Computational Materials Science & Engineering, Nanoscale Characterization of 1D & 2D Materials and Modeling of 1D & 2D Material Membranes.
Ng Yin Kwee, Eddie Computational fluid dynamics & numerical heat transfer, Thermal imaging, Infrared physics & technology, Renewable Energy, Biomedical Engineering and Computational turbomachinery aerodynamics.
Ooi Kim Tiow Air and refrigeration compressors, Computerised Optimization design, Microchannel, maccrogeometry and Heat transfer.
Pang Hock Lye, John ​Additive Manufacturing, Laser Cladding for Repair Technology, Reliability Modeling and Analysis, Design for Reliability, Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics.
Pham Quang Cuong Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial robotics, Control theory and Human motor control.
Rajesh Piplani ​Supply Chain Planning, Supply Chain Inventory Optimization, Machine learning in Production Planning, Air Traffic Operations Planning, Air Traffic Operations Optimization.
Sameer Alam Machine Learning, Air Traffic Management, Airport Operations, Optimization and Artificial Intelligence.
Seah Leong Keey Composite structures, Long term behaviour of composite materials, Thin-walled structures, optical imaging technique and smart structures.
Sellakkutti Rajendran Mesh-Distortion Tolerant Finite Elements, Meshless methods, FE-Meshfree methods, Partition of Unity Methods and Computational Vibration Analysis.
Shu Dong Wei ​Drop, Magnesium, Hopkinson, Electronics, Mechanics.
Sivakumar A. I. Siva ​Manufacturing Systems, Logistics and supply chain, Industrial engineering, Operations Management, Operations Research.
​Su Pei-Chen ​ionic thin films, catalyst thin films, solid oxide fuel cell/electrolyzer cell, nanoionics, 3D/4D printing.
Sunil Chandrakant Joshi Polymer Composites, Aerogel foams, Innovative designs, Satellite thermal management and Non-metal 3D printing.
Tai Kang ​Design Optimization, Optimization of Manufacturing Systems and Processes, Computational Intelligence for Modelling of Industrial and Manufacturing Processes, Structural Topology and Shape Optimization, Optimization for Allocation, Scheduling and Routing Problems.
Tan Ming Jen 3D Printing of Concrete/Cementitious Materials, Light Metals (Processing and Mechanical Properties) and Superplasticity and Superplastic Forming.
Tor Shu Beng additive manufacturing, micro replication/micro injection moulding, micro powder injection moulding, microfluidics and functional design.
​Upadrasta Ramamurty ​Mechanical behavior, Advanced alloys and composites, Fracture and fatigue, Microstructural engineering, Advance manufacturing.
Vu Nguyen Duong Air Traffic Management, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Statistical Optimization and Complex Systems Modeling.
Wan Man Pun Thermo-fluids sciences & engineering, Aerosol sciences, Green building technologies, Building energy and Indoor environmental quality.
Wu Kan Smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, Manufacturing system performance & productivity improvement, Queueing theory, Planning, scheduling and dispatching and Supply chain management.
Wu Mao See ​Mechanics of soft materials, Soft robotics, Dislocations and disclinations, Nonlinear elasticity and fracture mechanics, Molecular dynamics.
Xiao Zhongmin Fracture study of materials and structures, Fatigue study of materials and structures, Failure Analysis of materials and structures, Failure Prevention of materials and structures and Mechanics of materials and structures.
Yap Fook Fah Dynamics, Vibrations, Shock, Mobility and Vehicles.
Yeo Joon Hock Medical device, Medical modelling and simulation, Heart valves, Venous valves and Experimental cardiovascular dynamics.
Yeo Swee Hock ​Precision Cutting, Electrical discharge machining, Ultrasonic finishing processes, Surface finishing of complex geometries.
Yeong Wai Yee 3D printing, Bioprinting, Tissue engineering, Metal printing and Flexible Electronics.
Yue Chee Yoon Advanced materials, Nanomaterials and nanocomposites, 3D printing of polymeric materials, Fibre-reinforced composites and interfacial properties and Micro-replication of polymers.
Zhang Yi ​Micro/Nano System, Microfluidics, Biomedical, Point-of-Care and Diagnostics.
​Zhong Zhaowei ​modelling and analyses, precision machining, optimization, advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence and machines.
Zhou Wei ​Laser processing, Welding, Additive manufacturing, Light alloys, Failure analyses.