Graduate Programmes (by Research)



The School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE), NTU has an active and vibrant research environment with excellent R&D infrastructure. Our faculty hail from internationally renowned universities and are at the forefront of their research fields. We pursue multi-disciplinary research, tackle issues of strategic interests, as well as, develop impactful knowledge and technology.

Students are invited to explore their research interests in one of the many research areas, not limiting to the 13 broadly classified research areas below.


Programme Structure

Candidates pursue an independent but supervised research in an approved field of advanced study based on which a thesis must be submitted. Candidates are also required to attend classes and pass the examinations to earn at least 9 AU (for e.g. 3 3-AU courses) in MEng study and 18 AU (for e.g. 6 3-AU courses) in PhD study. They will have to undergo a Qualifying Examination as well as a Confirmation Exercise.

Upon the completion of the research, the candidate is required to submit a thesis on his/her research for examination. For the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, there is also an oral examination on the subject matter on his/her thesis and other related subjects.