MSc(Supply Chain & Logistics)




The logistics industry is one of the key service sectors driving the development of Singapore as a critical hub in the global supply chains. As globalization drives multi-national companies to expand across the region, supply chains that Singapore based companies are part of have become even more complex, demanding a higher level of skill-set to design, analyze and manage them.

The M.Sc. (Supply Chain & Logistics) program aims to address the needs of both the manufacturing and service sectors with an integrated and comprehensive program in Supply Chain and Logistics, equipping graduates with the right set of skills to manage end-to-end order fulfillment, including procurement and inventory management. The program also provides the candidates an appreciation of the role logistics functions, such as distribution, warehousing and transportation, play in facilitating the supply chain.

Target Audience

The program is tailored for practicing engineers, logisticians and information technologists employed (or seeking employment) in manufacturing or logistics sectors. The program relies intensively on industry speakers, site visits, case studies and hands-on computer modeling and game plays to support in-class learning.