MSc(Mechanical Engineering)


Course Synopsis

Core courses

M6104 Advanced Mechanics of Materials

Taught by Assoc Prof Shu Dong Wei and Assoc Prof Seah Leong Keey

The first part of the current course will cover the advanced topics of statically indeterminacy, stress concentration, and creep and viscoelasticity. The second part focuses on a very useful and common engineering structures, plates and shells, their governing equations, and particularly some numerical analysis. The third part introduces an advanced and widely applied materials of the last few decades, laminated composites materials. The various constituents of the materials are delved into as well as the bonded lamina. The fourth part closes with the introduction of the application of the aforementioned laminates as plates in topics such bending, vibration, and buckling.


M6801 Advanced Thermal Engineering

Taught by Assoc Prof Huang Xiaoyang and Assoc Prof Fei Duan

The course covers the following sections: Heat Conduction, Fundamental Equations for Fluids and Energy, Similarity, Vorticity Equation and Potential Flow, Momentum Boundary Layer Theory, Thermal Boundary Layer Theory, Free Convection, Internal Flow Convection Heat Transfer.


M6802 Engineering Measurements

Taught by Asst Prof Fan Zheng David and Dr. Suchand Sandeep

The course covers the following sections:  Advanced principles of measurement that examine the static and dynamic characteristics of instruments; The design of measurement system through the application of sensing and signal conditioning elements for data acquisition; Overview of the operations of some specialised measurement systems which have important industrial applications; Advanced principles of measurements which examine the static and dynamic characteristics of instruments; The design of measurements system through the application of sensing and signal conditioning elements for data acquisition; An overview of the operations of some specialised measurements systems which have important industrial applications.

M6803 Computational Methods in Engineering

Taught by Assoc Prof Lee Yong Tsui and Assoc Prof Li Hua 

The course covers the following sections: Overview of computational requirements in engineering; Object modeling and algorithms; Optimisation; Approximation and Interpolation; Large-Scale Systems of Linear Equations; Numerical Differentiation; Numerical Integration; Numerical Methods for ODEs; Numerical Methods for PDEs.

Elective courses

L6103 Supply Chain Analysis & Design

Taught by Assoc Prof Rajesh Piplani

The course covers the following topics: Supply chain management: issues and challenges, risk pooling; Value of information; Multi-echelon inventory management; Supply chain integration: push-pull supply chain; Supply chain drivers and metrics; SC performance measurement; Supply network design: pipeline inventory consideration in supply chains; Inventory-transportation trade-off; Supply contracts; Risks in global supply chains and supply chain strategies.

M6102 Advanced Materials Engineering

Taught by Assoc Prof Sunil C. JoshiProfessor Michael Khor Khiam Aik and Dr Narasimalu Srikanth

The course covers the following sections: Metallic materials and composites: metallurgical fundamentals and fracture, copper, stainless steels, advanced composite materials, heat-resistant superalloys; Selection and service performance of materials: materials selection in design, materials testing, failure of engineering materials; Polymeric materials: polymer synthesis and classification, engineering polymers, polymer blends, liquid crystalline polymers; Ceramic materials: functional ceramics, optical ceramics, magnetic ceramics, colossal magneto-resistant ceramics, case studies; Superconductors.


M6141 Quality Engineering

Taught by Adjunct Professor Goh Thong Ngee  

The course covers the following sections: Quality concepts, statistical process control, process improvement, design of experiments, reliability, quality management systems and design, product liability; Case studies and examples of industrial applications will be used throughout the course; The course develops an appreciation of advanced quality engineering techniques and a perception of how quality can be built into all stages of a product lifecycle.


M6205 Systems Simulation & Modeling 

Taught by Assoc Prof Rajesh Piplani

The course covers the following sections: Discrete-event simulation; Basic model-building blocks; Simulation of global manufacturing facilities; System life cycle analysis; Simulation validation and verification; Continuous Simulation; Supply Chain Modelling; Simulation Case Study.


M6235 Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Taught by Assoc Prof Zhou Wei and Assoc Prof Liu Erjia ​ 

The course covers the following sections: Manufacturing processes; Nature and various methods of raw materials for shaping; Emphasis on the link between the nature of the process to the shapes, dimensions, and properties that can be achieved; Case study.

M6301 Advanced Metrology and Sensing Systems

Taught by Assoc Prof Zhong Zhaowei and Dr. Sidharthan Raghuranman

The course covers the following sections: International standards, linear and geometric tolerances; Surface,mechanical and optical metrology; Pneumatic and hydraulic devices for measurement; Transducers for in-processand post-process measurements, piezo devices, signal handling and processing, computer-aided-metrology, residualstress measurement; Scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy and electron probe microanalysis.

M6303 Fundamentals of Precision Engineering

Taught by Assoc Prof Yeo Swee Hock and Assoc Prof Murukeshan Vadakke Matham ​ 

The course covers the following sections: History of precision engineering. Principles and definitions of precision machine design; State-of-the-art in research, prototyping and full production from ultra-precision machining through micro-engineering, microelectronics and molecular manipulation; Application of displacement transducers to machines and instruments; Tolerance technology.


M6401 Product Design & Development

Taught by Assoc Prof Chen Chun-Hsien and Assoc Prof Moon Seung Ki 

The course covers the following sections: A multi-disciplinary approach to product design and development; Product development process and strategies; Need identification and product specifications; Generation and evaluation of ideas and concepts; Product architecture; Product aesthetics and form creation; Product semantics and identity.



M6423 Prototype & Rapid Prototyping

Taught by Assoc Prof Yeong Wai Yee, Dr Sing Swee Leong and Dr. An Jia  

The course covers the following sections: Introduction to prototyping; Soft and virtual prototyping; Fundamentals of rapid prototyping; Rapid prototyping systems; Rapid prototyping data format; Applications of rapid prototyping.



M6816 Laser Assisted Manufacturing

Taught by Assoc Prof Zhou Wei and and Professor Lam Yee Cheong

The course covers the following sections:  Introduction to lasers used in machining; Optics for laser machining processes; Laser material interaction--salient features. Materials science for laser processing; One, two or three-dimensional laser machining; Transport phenomena for laser materials processing; Advanced laser material processing and machining. Laser-assisted 3D printing; Laser safety and hazards.