Student Achievement

Guardian of the Planet 
Posted: 27 December 2020
Kudos to MAE student Pothunuri Laya  on being selected as an National Geographic Young Explorer 2020.  She is recognised for her effort to protect the earth, including developing serveral sustainable inventions such as a microbial fuel cell and low-cost exhaust filter to tackle vehicle emissions, as well as her research on mangrove ecosystems for natural coastal fencing. 

The passionate young changemaker said MAE has inspired her to follow her passion, broadened her perspectives and made her learn that no idea can ever be considered too crazy when it comes to protecting the planet.

With the US$10,000 grant from National Geographic Society, she is studying the viability of harvesting locusts, which threaten food security in some parts of the world, and turning them into a high-nutrition food source. 


Dr Tan Jen Hong named one of the Highly Cited Researchers by Clarivate
Posted: 1 December 2020
Congratulation to our alumni, Dr Tan Jen Hong on being named one of  the Highly Cited Researchers by Clarivate in Computer Science category in 2020!

Jen Hong had always loved programming and soon found the process of developing algorithms very fascinating and highly satisfactory. His focus of research has always been about developing and utilising algorithms to analyse and diagnose ocular thermal images. 

Back then as an undergraduate, the subjects he took up help him a lot in his later research.  Thermodynamics plays an important role in his PhD research and he managed to propose a novel method to measure tear evaporation through thermal images.  Without a foundation in thermodynamics, that would not be possible. Many ideas and concepts in ‘Dynamic and Control’ and ‘Flight mechanics & control’ helped him to understand concepts in image processing and signal processing.

His message to MAE students:
“I was never a top student in my time in NTU, and in fact I never strived to be one. But I have my own passion and my pursuits. I happened to be in the generation when the internet started to become the main source of information and I spent a lot of time during my studies in NTU, both undergraduate and post-graduate, reading widely and extensively. Although the time spent in these activities did not translate into good results, I like to think that it helped greatly in my later research.”

About Highly Cited Researchers by Clarivate:
The Highly Cited Researchers by Clarivate identifies scientists and social scientists who have demonstrated significant influence through multiple publication papers, highly cited by their peers in between the year 2009 and 2019. Around the world, approximately 6,400 researchers are named Highly Cited Researchers in 2020, and in the case of NUS, this year there are 25 of them.


jen hong.jpg

Green Tick to represent Singapore at NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2020 
Posted: 4 December 2020

Congratulations to MAE student Anshul Gupta and his team mate from Greeen Tick for bing selected as a global nominee to represent Singapore at the global finals of NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2020. 

It is a two-day long international hackathon where students globally apply critical thinking along with technical skills to innovate for a better world, using NASA's data.  There were different categories in the challenge, each having several proposed problem statements under it.  The team opted for the one close to their interests, "Sustaining our planet for future generations". After 2 days of incessant efforts, they devised a solution leveraging the power of social media to spread awareness among the netizens about the grave enviornmental issues.  They used the available NASA data to achieve credibility as well as accuracy in their solution during the analysis. 

Finalist in Microsoft AI for Accessibility Hackathon
Posted: 26 November 2020

Congratulations to our MAE student Duggal Viduveer and his team mates from SCSE for getting shortlisted for the final round of Microsoft AI for Accessibiity hackathon representing Singapore. Capture.JPG

About the Competiton : The goal is for teams to develop prototypes of AI solutions that can transform the daily life, employability and communication for people with disabilities. 

Our Solution : With the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home is the new norm and video conferencing tools are at the foreground of collaboration.  Visually impaired individuals find it difficult to read facial expressions in such a setting and are deprived of an important non-verbal cues.  'Expression Mode' is a third party application that leverages Artificial Intelligence to provide live sentiment analysis on the facial expressions of the participants in a video conference.  It also helps users align their webcams perfectly before entering a meeting. ​

MAE student wins Quarterly Airport Safety Awards
Posted: 29 September 2020

Congratulations to MAE student Sim Jia Zhi, Jarell for winning the Quarterly Airport Safety Award with his team.  His professional internship, assisting with projects was done at SIA Engineering Company.  

The team designed and built a device to help reinforce safe behavior to ensure aircraft door has been properly disarmed prior to opening it, which will strength the right behavior in preventing accidental opening of aircraft door. 

This award is given to selected projects, done by relevant companies at the airport, that promotes and improves safety in the working environment.  These projects are selected by the Changi Airport Group representatives. 

    Sim Jia Zhi Jarell on stage with Mr Ivan Neo, Executive Vice President, Operations​

MAE student wins James Dyson Award
Posted: 20 September 2020

Congratulations to MAE student Kong Shao Ming for being Singapore's National Runner-up of the prestigious James Dyson award. 

Shao Ming is a Year 3 aerospace engineering undergraduate.  He is very passionate in engineering and uses his skills and knowledge in practical applications to create solutions for a better world.   

About the Award

Since 2005, the James Dyson Award (JDA) has challenged inventive and entrepreneurial undergraduates and recent graduates of engineering and design, to invent something that solves a problem.

The JDA is an international design award that celebrates, encourages and inspires the next generation of design engineers.  It is run by the James Dyson foundation, James Dyson's Charitable Trust, as part of its mission to get yong people excited about design engineering. 



The global rise of 3D printing during the COVID-19 pandemic
Posted: 4 August 2020
Congratulations to our MAE Alumni Dr Clarrisa Choong and her team mates from HP-Corp Lab and SUTD for thinking on their feet to counter logistical challenges of essential goods and healthcare supplies! 

About the project

3D printing enables on-demand solutions for a wide spectrum of needs ranging from personal protection equipment to medical devices and isolation wards. This versatile technology is suited to address supply–demand imbalances caused by socio-economic trends and disruptions in supply chains.

Read more about their project here: https://bit.ly/Riseof3Dprinting​ 

Dr. Punit Kumar nominated for ACTA Student Award
Posted: 3 July 2020

Acta student award is a yearly prestigious award given to graduate students for their major contribution in the work published in the journal of Acta materialia. A team of judges consisting of Acta Materialia, Scripta Materialia, Acta Biomaterialia and Materialia editors evaluate and select the nominees for this award. Several factors are considered in the evaluation of each nominee: the quality of paper, or papers, for which he or she was nominated, recommendation letters, and leadership potential. 

Dr. Punit Kumar, Nanyang Technological University, was selected for the Acta student award 2019 for his work published in the journal of Acta materialia titled "Microstructural optimization through heat treatment for enhancing the fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth resistance of selective laser melted Ti-6Al-4V alloy, Acta Materialia 169 (2019) 45-59”. This work is part of a project under the guidance of MAE presidential chair Professor Upadrasta Ramamurty, to optimize the micro-meso-structure of additively manufactured (AM) Ti-6Al-4V for improved mechanical properties. 


A Team of MAE Students won top prize in the inaugural ENGIE x NTUitive Innovation Challenge by developing AI technology that cuts air-conditioning energy use by 20%
Posted: 2 Jul 2020

Team EcoBuilding, a team of MAE students, took home the top prize at the inaugural ENGIE x NTU Innovation Challenge with the development and im​plementation of a prototype that enables the air-conditioning system to be controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). 

Team EcoBuilding developed a system of multi-parameter sensing for predictive controls of air-conditioning. The system uses multiple parameters to make predictive decision on air-conditioning control as opposed to only temperature in conventional systems. The team was mentored by industry executives in sustainability, energy and smart city technology, and received S$10,000 grant for prototyping and test bedding. Over an 8-month period, the team was given special access to the facilities of the JurongHealth Campus (Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital) to test bed their prototype as solution to energy-efficiency and smart building. They achieved more than 20% energy savings and improved comfort through machine learning of room occupancy and air quality metrics. 

Open to all university students in Singapore, the inaugural ENGIE x NTU Innovation Challenge is jointly organised by ENGIE Factory Asia-Pacific, the innovation arm of ENGIE Asia Pacific, and NTUitive, the innovation and enterprise company of NTU Singapore. The final judging of the top three teams was held on 24 June 2020. Team EcoBuilding emerged as the winning team. 

Team EcoBuilding consists of the following members:

  1. Mr. Yang Shiyu (MAE PhD student and ERI@N research associate)
  2. Mr. Nithiakuhan Uthayakumar (MAE UG final year student)
  3. Mr. Yeo Wei Jie (MAE UG final year student) 
Team EcoBuilding2.png

Team NV11 Nanyang Autonomous Venture from NTU received the Vehicle Design Award for the Urban Concept category
Posted: 29 June 2020

The first Virtual Shell Eco-marathon Asia Off-Track Awards has concluded and Team NV11 from NTU received the Vehicle Design Award for the Urban Concept category! The award comprises of a cash award of US$3000 and a trophy.

The lead judge has this to say of the vehicle design:

“The winners demonstrated good efforts on concept design, packaging, and detailed design. They captured the total product development process including validation very well. Ergonomics including seating, steering, controls and visibility have been taken care of. The usage of the logo as engine hood lock looks cool. Innovative mechanisms and the link provided to a YouTube video demonstrated well. The vehicle design is fantastic, and the interior is well-constructed and polished. Overall presentation well done, good attention to detail.”

The Shell Eco-marathon Asia competition is Shell’s annual collaborative platform for students to get hands-on-experience in achieving ultra-energy-efficiency. The NTU team is led by MAE professor, Assoc Prof Ng Heong Wah with students from MAE, CSE, ADM, REP and EEE.

Nanyang Venture 11 - 1920 Group photo.png 

Professor-in-charge : Assoc Prof Ng Heong Wah 

NV 11 (2019) Team Photo L to R. Professor-In-Charge : Assoc Prof Ng Heong Wah, Lim Shu Fang (REP/4), Martias Try Wardhana (ME/4), Melvin Foo Maw Qing, Ng Ting Hao (REP/4), Shen Chen (REP/2), Pan Xin Min (EEE/2), Muhammad Azri (EEE/4), Renny Lim Yong Jun (ME/4), Tay Jun Yang Sherman (REP/4), (Seated) Zachary Chua (ME/2), Le Bao Trung (ME/4), (not in photo Orion Dai Yuhui (ADM/3)).

NV 11 (2020) Team Photo L to R:  NV 11 (2020): Assoc Prof Ng Heong Wah, Goh Jun Hao Daniel (EEE/4), Bharat Krishnan (ME/4), Tan Hong Wee (ME/4), Carina Low Su Yan (EEE/2), Tham Mun Chung (ME/4), Feng Xiao Tian (ME/4), Yeo Zhi Duo Darren (EEE/4), Randy Wong Jia Cheng (ME/4), Peter Chong Ken Yang (ME/4).


SCDF Lifesaver's Innovation Challenge 

Posted: 9 December 2019

We are very happy to announce that the SCDF Lifesaver's Innovation Challenge 2019 has concluded. It is a competition that challenges undergraduates to propose and develop solutions to existing challenges faced by the SCDF. Many of our students from school of MAE won the top cash prizes.

Here are some honorable mentions:

Team SilveRed (1st Prize): Guan Jun Liang, Koh Yu Xiang and Ng Yuzhi

Team Badger (2nd Prize): Lai Zi Lun

Team MoFiFi (5th Prize) Gwee You Young Clive, Edris Asyraf and Cai Yuxin

Read more about this competition here: http://www.mae.ntu.edu.sg/NewsnEvents/Pages/Detailed-Page.aspx?news=4c395c79-dae6-47b6-a071-936438022ecc

Singapore-India Hackathon 2019

Posted: 5 November 2019

Over the weekend of 29th-30th September, 120 students from India and Singapore participated in the Singapore-India Hackathon 2019 held in IIT Madras in Chennai, India. There were 20 teams, each team consisting of 3 Indian students and 3 Singaporean students. This year the Hackathon focused on 3 themes - Good health and well-being, Quality education, and Affordable and clean energy. The winning team managed to design a smart pot with apertures to purify the air.

Congratulations to our student Tan Ming Kai Mitchell 

and his teammates for winning the top place in the Singapore-India Hackathon and receiving a prize of SGD 10,000!


PSA Box Challenge 2019

Posted:29 Octobe​r 2019

Congratulations to our students Yeoh Yu Xuan, Wilson Lee, Yeoh Keong Cheng and Lim Yi Qing for winning 1st RUNNER UP for PSA Box Challenge! They managed to provide the best solution and stand out among the other teams from other universities.

The objective of the PSA Box Challenge was to design and build a delivery vehicle to transport and stack miniature 300-gram containers around a model yard. In the final phase, they competed with the other teams to load the containers from their yard area to the vessel as fast and accurately as possible. Teams were judged based on the points scored during the competition, innovation and creativity of design, build quality of machine and user interface.

The MAE team decided to build a quadcopter instead of a ground robot because it will be able to get from the yard area to the vessel more quickly. they had to make sure that the downwash generated by the drone does not blow containers away. To do so, they kept their drone relatively light at around 1.3 kg. The team also had to improve upon their earlier design by extending the motor arms to place the 4 motors further apart to spread the downwash out over a larger area, effectively reducing the downwash experienced by the container below the drone. Most of the main frame is 3D printed, while the motor arms are made from carbon fiber rods to ensure stiffness.

World Finals of Chem-E-Car

Posted:14 October 2019

Congratulations to Sarvesh Tusnial from MAE for winning 3rd place at the world finals of Chem-e-car competition.

The competition is held in Sydney, Australia from 28th September – 2nd October 2019. The team had to design a car powered and controlled by chemical reactions, capable of travel up to 50 meters. They were the only Singapore team competiting with teams from other countries like India, Indonesia, UK and Australia.

Being the only member from MAE, Tusnial took charge of the design of the car. He used a temperature difference mechanism coupled with Peltier circuits to convert thermal energy to electrical energy which in turn was used to power the motors that drove the wheels, pushing the car forward. The team initially wanted to use micro-controllers like Arduino to control the speed and power of the car, but since it went against competition rules, they used an innovative braking mechanism – vitamin C reaction with water, connected to an electrical brush that completed the circuit. Once the reaction reached a certain point, the circuit broke off and the car stopped.


Read more about this competition here: http://www.mae.ntu.edu.sg/NewsnEvents/Pages/Detailed-Page.Aspx?News=17d5afdf-F7ef-4ab5-Aaa6-86733d88fe02​


Posted: 12 September 2019

Congratulations to MAE student Cheung Wai Lun, Marvin and Dr. Rajesh Piplani for winning Best Paper Award at the recently concluded 49th International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering 2019 held in Beijing.​

SMRT-NTU Innovation Challenge

Posted:12 September 2019

Congratulations to Team RUBI: Clive Gwee, Lai Zi Iun & Cai Yuxin from School of MAE for winning third place in the SMRT-NTU Innovation Challenge.

During the competition held on 8 April 2019, students were tasked to find innovative ideas to improve train operations and maintenance and to also explore new markets for existing innovations by the SMRT-NTU Corp Lab. The proposals presented by Team RUBI were an eye opener with fresh perspectives to the industry players and audience members present!


T.H New Flow Visualization Award

Posted: 5 July 2019

Congratulations to Chan Chi Hin, Koh Jing Yu, Avion Lim and Tee Wei Tat, Clarence for winning the Prof New's T.H. New Flow Visualization Award in AY2018 with their outstanding works in Fluid Dynamics/Aerodynamics Research.


7th Singapore International 3D Competitions

Posted: 31 May 2019

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2019 7th Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions at the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC) summit, one of them being our very own MAE student now Alumni, Lu Zhen!


Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2019- Nanyang Venture 10

Posted: 7 May 2019

Heartiest congratulations to our MAE Prof Ng Heong Wah and the team for racing to a podium finish in the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2019 with the Nanyang Venture 10!

The team has whizzed its way to bag three trophies which include the 1st position in Regional Driver's World Championship, Gold Award in the Hydrogen Urban Concept Category and Gold Award for Vehicle Design!

Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC)

Posted: 7 April 2019

Warmest congratulations to Faheem, one of our students from Aerospace Engineering, for coming in 11th overall in Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC)! Faheem is also our Aerospace Society club's Chief Flight Instructor, where he specifically took part in the Drone racing competition with 100+ other participants.​

Rolls-Royce Graduate Development Programme

Posted: 2 April 2019

A big congratulations to four of our MAE graduating students for being selected for the coveted Rolls-Royce Graduate Development Programme 2019.

Teoh Jeng Wei, Ong Yong Jie, Peng Chongtian and Wan Jhan Yong are among the eight fresh graduates from Singapore being selected!