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​MAE Alumni Winners of Nanyang Alumni Awards 2018

Published on: 18-Oct-2018

Nanyang Alumni Awards 2018 was held in NTU on 13th October 2018. We are proud to share that five of our alumni had been awarded the Nanyang Alumni Awards this year!

Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award

1. Dr Ong Chong Yaw Tommy (B.Eng. / Class of 2005)(G.Dip.TIP / Class of 2005)(M.Sc. (TIP) / Class of 2006)

Dr Ong is the founder of Resvenus Capitals Pte Ltd, an R&D laboratory and online retailer of innovative health dietary supplement and beauty functional foods. Instead of the traditional approach to sales and distribution, his company uses a highly scalable structure integrating cognitive marketing, artificial intelligence to predict supply and demand, and automation and robotics for orders fulfilment, to form a lean business model

2. Asst Prof Zhang Yi  (B.Eng. / SCBE Class of 2007)

Prof Zhang is currently an Assistant Professor at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He seeks to advance biomedical research at the interface of engineering and clinical investigation, so as to address the diagnostic needs of modern medicine. He looks to develop point-of-care diagnostics that can reduce costs and turnaround time (from sample to results) for the patient.

Nanyang Alumni Service Award

1. Mr Leong Kok Hou (B.Eng. / Class of 2012)
Mr Leong is the founding President of the NTU Red Cross Alumni Association (RCAA), which was created with the aim of connecting alumni with a familiar platform to serve the society. 

2. Ms Chan Sook Chong Jean (B.Eng. / Class of 2014)
Ms Chan joined the MAE Alumni Association (MAEAA) upon her graduation in 2014 and has served as President from 2016 to July 2018. One of her key contributions was helping to organise the MAE Alumni Homecoming 2016 and MAE 35th anniversary celebration. 

3. Mr Sundar Arockiyaraj Plavenderraj (B.Eng. / Class of 2014)
Mr Sundar is the President of the Tamil Literary Society (TLS) as an undergraduate, and has initiated the idea of forming the NTU TLS Alumni Association (TLSAA). The TLSAA is the only alumni association for a Tamil language-based university society.

Details of the awards won by the alumni

Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award
To recognise alumni under age 40 whose endeavours in their chosen fields or professions are worthy of recognition and have brought honour to the University. It is a one-time award for the alumni being honoured.

Nanyang Alumni Service Award
To recognise alumni whose dedication and volunteer commitments through alumni clubs/associations or to the University’s programmes/activities have significantly enriched the University, so as to encourage continual commitments in the future. It is a one-time award for the alumni being honoured.

Full details about Nanyang Alumni Awards

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