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​TCT Women in 3D Printing Innovator Award

Published on: 26-Sep-2019

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MAE Prof Yeong Wai Yee on stage at the National Conference Centre (NCC) in Birmingham

MAE would like to congratulate our professor, Assoc Prof Yeong Wai Yee, for being awarded the "TCT Women in 3D Printing Innovator Award" on 25 Sep 2019 in United Kingdom. The TCT Awards are set to showcase world-leading project as well as recognising the most influential and impactful members of the additive manufacturing industry in the TCT Hall of Fame. 

Addictive Manufacturing is not uncommon in today’s world. Many new manufacturing processes have been developed and make products with more intricate geometries and new materials to be possible. However, addictive manufacturing in NTU School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has been established to a higher level. 

Bio-printing, which extends mainly from the addictive manufacturing technology is the latest research project in SC3DP. Particularly, Associate Professor Yeong Wai Yee, who is the Programme Director of SC3DP and leading personnel in bio-printing has been awarded as the first TCT Women in 3D Printing Innovator Award on top of her other innovative awards in the recent years.
This award aims to shine a spotlight on the female innovators who are leading the charge in the world of design-to-manufacturing and particularly in 3D printing sector. It is in its inaugural year and 4 female innovators are shortlisted while Prof. Yeong is the only candidate from Asia.
Assoc Prof. Yeong receives her BEng (1st Class Honor) and PhD degrees in School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NTU. Prior to joining MAE in 2013, she has worked in the manufacturing industry at supervisory functions in research and development, with key focus in medical device industry. Her current research topics include 3D printing of new materials, hybrid electronic-mechanical structures and bioprinting for tissue engineering.
She has co-authored 2 textbooks (published by World Scientific and Elsevier respectively), published >60 papers, with a current H-index of 24. To-date, she has filed 2 PCT patents in new alloy and new bio-ink formulations. She leads sponsored projects of >$5million in both 3D printing and Bioprinting. Her works have been featured on Channel New Asia, the Straits Times, Todays and other media channels. Her students have received various awards including Best MAE PhD Thesis Award 2017, Springer Thesis Award 2017, URECA research poster award (second prize) 2018 and several best paper awards at conferences.
This award shows that the advanced manufacturing technology in School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has been proven to be world class and able to compete with other developed countries.

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