MAE Alumni Association

The MAE Alumni Association (MAEAA) is managed by a group of MAE alumni volunteers.


  1. To serve as a body for members in the promotion and advancement of mechanical and production engineering education and knowledge.
  2. To encourage and organise educational, social, cultural, sporting and civic activities among members including the granting of scholarships for the purpose of pursuing academic studies in relevant disciplines.
  3. To provide a recognised means of communication and to establish rapport between the Club and its members.
  4. To promote interaction between the Club and the business communities and any external body including overseas graduate engineering schools and associations and other alumni and clubs.
  5. To publish papers, journals, newsletters and other materials to achieve the above objectives.

Committee Members

The 12th Executive Committee members (2018-2020) consist of:

Jean Chan3.jpg
Mr Kho Yu Cheng

Vice President
Mr Leong Kok Hou

Honorary Secretary
Miss Jean Chan

Honorary Treasurer
Mr Ler Han Qiang

Committee Member
Mr Lim Jiahe 

Committee Member
Mr Yong Cheng Hong
Yu Li2.jpg
Committee Member
Mr Kho Yu Li

Honorary Auditor
Mr Roy Sai

Honorary Auditor
Miss Phyllinda Tan

Sub-Committee Member
Mr Johnson Chua 

Koh Ning Jia.jpg
Sub-Committee Member
Miss Koh Nin Jia
Daphne Lim2.jpg
Sub-Committee Member
Miss Daphne Lim​​
Melvin Yeo2.jpg
Sub-Committee Member
Mr Melvin Yeo
Ying Juan2.jpg
Sub-Committee Member
Miss Xia Ying Juan
Ying Juan2.jpg
School Liaison
Ms Eileen Yap


Ordinary Member:  All graduates of School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (formerly known as School of Mechanical and Production Engineering) automatically become an "Ordinary Member" of MAEAA.

Lifelong Member:  An Ordinary Member shall become a Lifelong Member on paying a one-time life subscription fee of SGD$10 to MAEAA. Please click here​ for the membership form.​